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Why should you choose Nord Commercial Services as your facility maintenance service provider?

One of the biggest reasons a maintenance contractor loses business is the lack of communication with the customer.  We are different and we are accessible.

  • Normal business hours
  • Emergency after hours response team
  • Desktop accessible
  • Web based quality control reporting
  • Computer job scheduling

There is a direct correlation between training and turnover.  All employees need to fully understand the job requirements and how to do the job properly.   Anything short of a complete understanding of expected performance will result in a poor performance and high turnover.  Our Turnover Rate is less than 100% -- far below the industry average.  A brief overview of our training includes:

  • Company Core Values and Customer Expectations
  • Company Policies and Procedures
  • Right To Know Training
  • Equipment Training
  • Hands On In the Field Training

Who are you entrusting your building keys at security codes to at night?  This is a very sobering question and one that we take very seriously.  Nord Commercial Services uses a three step process when hiring our cleaning professionals.

APPLICATION – Most of our applicants apply in person and complete an employment application.  Our screening begins the moment the applicant walks through the door and requests the application.  Our Office staff has been trained to observe all applicants and to provide those thoughts to our Human Resource Department.  First impressions are important!  What is the person’s demeanor?  How is he or she dressed?  Does the person have a neat appearance?  Is eye contact made?

All applications must be completed at our office.  We want to see that the applicant can write and supply the information requested on the application.  Our Office staff ensures that the application is fully completed.  This includes providing authorization for us to complete a criminal background check.


Most often interviews are not completed at the time of application.  We prefer to have the applicant return to the office a second time for the interview.  This allows us additional time for observation and it also allows the applicant another chance of putting the best foot forward.
We use a straight forward approach giving the applicant the opportunity to confirm all information on the application and to answer questions we may have about information contained in the application.  We also inquire about work history, dependability, future plans and goals, and any job specific experience or training that he or she may have.

Once the application is reviewed we provide an overview of the specific position, our training process, and a history of our company.  The applicant is then given the opportunity to ask any questions he or she may have.

The Verification process contains four steps:

  • Confirm employment history
  • Check personal and professional references
  • Perform comprehensive background check
  • Confirm Social Security Number

Our cleaning professionals are the face of Nord Commercial Services We want to be well represented and we want to have the right person in the right position.  By industry standards our hiring process is probably more intensive and longer than that of other companies.  But, we have higher quality employees and better trained employees that miss less work and stay on the job longer.  This means more consistency in their work and fewer headaches for you, our customer.

Please contact us for a free proposal and to learn more about the benefits of using Nord Commercial Services as your janitorial services provider.